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Change your game. Let’s talk about sustainable marketing.

Amid the rapidly growing population of digital agencies in Vietnam, Green Digital is born responding to a higher call for sustainable marketing. Moving ahead with the future in mind, Green Digital provides marketing solutions that promotes socially relevant contents driving responsible actions to multi-thematic social threads.

Using integrated marketing channels – from online to offline – we at Green Digital encourage our clients to align their campaigns with the principles of the 17-point agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Join our cause. Together, we can build a community of proactive marketers working towards responsibility and sustainability.

About time we make the world we live in… OUR BUSINESS

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Sustainable Rewards.


We recommend solutions that are based on empirical market data to ensure the most suitable strategy for our clients.


Gone are the days of intrusive marketing strategies. We warm our leads by providing useful contents and highly engaging materials both online and offline.


Adaptability is sustainability. We encourage our clients to align their campaigns to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The future is our ‘business’.


We focus on PAY-PER-PERFORMANCE to help clients secure investment from their marketing initiatives.

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About time we make the world we live in… OUR BUSINESS.